Free Health Screening Camp Organized By Shah Satnam Ji Hospital

On the occasion of the Silver jubilee of the hospital, set up in Shri Gurusar Modia, a free health screening camp was organized in which more than 1600 people were screened for various diseases. Setup with super specialist modern facilities and with specialist doctors offering their services, this hospital is a blessing for residents living in the nearby areas. Saint Ram Rahim Ji has indeed given a wonderful gift to this area by setting up this ultra-modern super specialty hospital in this part of the Country.

Apart, from Rajasthan, patients are receiving treatment here from Punjab, Haryana, and UP as well. As per the sermons of his holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji, Here, 50 percent of the patients will be cured of the hard work of doctors, medicines and 50 percent the patients, will be cured by the grace of the revered Guru Ji. This holy Sermon was made on the setup of Shah Satnam Ji General Hospital located at Sri GurusarModia, in the district of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, on July 17, 1995, by Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and this sermon is being fulfilled as it is till date. Patients who come here for treatment get great results.

In the hospital of 25 beds, General Surgery

Female pathologists, ophthalmologists, physicians, Doctors specializing in ear and throat diseases are providing their services.

The laboratory is equipped with modern technology, in which the harmones related test, complete investigation of the thyroid, cancer marker, screening of blood and examination of cells, liver infections, kidney check, etc are done. Apart from this, there is a park in the hospital located for greenery magic on the health of patients, air-conditioned canteen for eating food, facilities for a stay in Dharamshala, etc. is available.

Baba Ram RahimJi started this hospital deemed as a backward area back then, as not many options were available in this area. At the same time, Doctors make their best to ensure the successful treatment of thousands of patients. Not only in Rajasthan, but also from Punjab, Haryana and UP state, patients are reaching to avail of best treatment from specialist doctors.

Successful Treatment of these Diseases

Surgery of appendix, deer, hemorrhoids, thyroid, bone surgery is done by laparoscopic surgeon PGI Rohtak. Cesarean, Operation of Chiroplasty and other female specialties are done successfully. Apart from this, treatment of diseases related to white, black cataract, phaco, foreign lens, laser cutting, and other eye-related diseases are also treated by a specialist and super specialists of Delhi AIMMS, etc. Nose, ear and throat diseases too, are treated by specialist surgeons with extreme precision.

The treatment of heart, sugar, stomach, skin related diseases are also done successfully by the physicians. Apart from MDS, All kinds of diseases related to the tooth are treated with modern machines such as Rotary, RCT, APEX Locket, Digital RV machines, etc. Chronic pain medication is covered with physiotherapy from modern machines without medicines.

This Hospital is acting as a boon for people in the rural areas in these states. People are no longer forced to run to Chandigarh or Delhi for treatments of their ailments, these can be successfully carried out right in their neighborhood thanks to Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji immense grace and efforts. What’s more every treatment comes with insurance of 50% grace of His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.


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