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A Brief Glimpse on the Good Deeds of Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Gurmeet Ram Rahim, the head of the spiritual group Dera Sacha Sauda was born in the state of Rajasthan back in the year 1967. He is the only child of his parents, and even at a younger age, he has shown great humility, compassion, and discipline. The things that Gurmeet Ram Rahim did for the society and the country cannot be explained in a single article. However, we are trying to shed some light on some of the major contributions of Baba Ram Rahim that have benefited numerous people in this blog post. If you are a follower of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, then you should be aware of the following good deeds he has done over the years.

The first and most important thing you need to note is that Guru Ji has adopted more than hundreds of women and girls who were trapped in the act of human trafficking. In fact, Baba Ram Rahim Ji treated all these women as his own daughters, ensured they are medically taken care of and even got them married. The above-statement evidently proves that Guru Ji ma…

Is It God’s Punishment to BJP for taking Barbaric Actions on Saints?

It’s really a sad state for the ruling party, where it has turned down a couple of allies, thinking it can make it big on its own. And now when reality is confronted with, the party will have to check out some way to turn the tide. At a time, when a single seat counts, BJP may have lost this chance.

On the other hand with big time Babas followers’ wrath, may oust the party completely, with every single seat, in the Northern states. At such a time, BJP is trying its best, to get on good terms with the followers specially, Baba Ram Rahim. Insiders, state, long drawn efforts are made to lure followers, but they seem to be a bitter bite. With lacs of these followers, forming the majority population, in states like Punjab, Haryana, it would be a very tough for the Lotus to bloom in those areas.
Interestingly Baba Ram Rahim seems to never stop ,haunting this party. This time, even from the bars, the Baba is casting its loom, over the saffron. In the last loksabha elections, this same Baba,…

The startling outlay of compassion

India, The land of beautiful architecture and renowned unity in diversity. The heart-touching moral stories in its culture are the result of hard work done, by the royal kings and the priests in royal courts. Honesty is the best policy coming from India only. 

Indian religion and spiritualism – The harsh reality of India is the home, to at least nine recognized religions. The most prominent among all is Hinduism and then Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and then Jainism. Incarnated Gods of these religions: Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, 10 Gurus, Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha incarnated to serve humanity and to spread brotherhood. They spread positivity and uprooted malpractices, to make life smooth. But what society and human race gave them, in result: the prolonged hatred, the jealous and convictions! Selfish Giant, the man wants to run the universe as per his wishes. This is happening, since the planet got inhabited, with humans, in every single era, even during the era of virtues, b…

Election results of Rajasthan and neighbouring states: people’s verdict or babas’ wrath

As the election results of Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh, and MP, shock the Nation, every camp are busy in the analysis. Camp Congress, may be overwhelmed, but yet they may be analyzing what factor worked for them and how they can replicate the same in other states. Camp BJP is definitely busy contemplating the factors causing the loss of seats.

Well, it is clearly evident, that certain decisions of the BJP Govt. proved costly for them. Experts cite the biggest reason going against the ruling party, is a conviction of religious leaders with such huge following. Bapu Asaram, being one, but the costliest decisions have certainly been the conviction of Baba Ram Rahim. his followers are definitely some hard nuts to break. And while BJP may not have guessed, they surely know it, now. the demonetization and GST, took its tolls, Scams cornered the Govt. in 2018, and the Govt was definitely in soup, with one scam after another. Event the CBI’s officers’ blame game, RBI Governor’s resignation, is all…

Conserving Energy, is the only way forward, to save our future

With World Energy conservation Day, just around the corner, it is our prime responsibility, to find out ways to conserve energy and have a regular follow up, for the same. With our focus changing every day, it is really difficult to be consistent on our path. So days like energy conservation and similar other days, do a good job of putting people on the path.

Most individuals realize their responsibility and are doing a commendable job. But at the same time, recklessness still reigns supreme. 90% of individuals are indifferent to these terms and it is really important, the majority of us, pitch in and work towards safeguarding our future. 

Some of the efforts we can follow for this,
Apart from reducing the consumption by taking conscious efforts, we need to make sure the green cover is adequate enough to counteract the many different, ventures taken up by humans in various forms. 
Switching to recycled items, too, can help a great deal in conserving the environment, and thereby reducing t…